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2020-11-04 09:50:24


Envy those who reduce weight successfully all the time got rid of finally "fat" title, what method do they use to reduce weight? This is a problem that many friends encounter. In fact, losing weight is not difficult, as long as you do the following, you can get rid of it, even those who have successfully lost weight can do so.


Develop your bad habits and overcome them. At the beginning of weight loss, analyze the main causes of weight gain. Are they too lazy, too fond of meat, junk food and too much sweetness? . Analyze your major problems and overcome them, such as cutting out dinner and reducing carbonation. Drink less junk food. After your bad habits are overcome, you should lose a little weight. Don't start with the harsh 21-day cucumber and egg recipe, which will make it harder for your body to adapt. If you can't keep at it, the rebound after giving up can be worse than not abating. Even if you don't eat after lunch, it will take some getting used to.


Be sure to take a two-pronged approach when dieting. Simple diets or simple exercises tend to bounce back and don't last. If you can't help overeating, brisk exercise is enough to burn off the calories involved. Why exercise? It has been scientifically proven that muscle burns far more calories than fat does for the same amount of exercise. In other words, it is clear why fat people become fat and thin people become thin. Weight loss is an accelerated process, in which dieting goes faster and faster, then slower and slower.



3. Don't set your goals too high. When I weigh 124kg, my goal is to get down to 120kg. It takes me about two or three weeks to reach a goal, and I feel very satisfied. Don't set goals for 30 and 40 pounds. This lofty ideal that cannot be fulfilled may be exhausted and later abandoned.


4. Dinner control is key. Controlling breakfast and lunch is neither healthy nor effective, and it will make the whole day dull for study or work. Eat less dinner and limit your calorie intake to get twice the result with less effort. In the evening, it's a simple time to "think about things" and a time of weak willpower. At this point, you will think of a series of delicious dishes. Just resist the temptation to eat. # Two mornings, you will find your initial ideas. The food is actually not that delicious, and it doesn't matter whether you eat it or not.


5. Break your favorite things into smaller pieces. After losing weight for a period of time, it is inevitable that there will be a period of crazy craving to eat, and then eat, do not be too strict, but will eat things into small portions, such as a bag of chocolate, you only need to take out half of the bag and carry it, and then put the other half at home. Don't take the other half. After eating half a bag, satisfaction was almost the same as that of one bag. It's just that people are happy to take revenge at this time. It seems that you only hate food. Only in this way can the hatred in the heart be resolved. This behavior can lead to regret later, and eating food has become a sinful memory.


6. Give yourself rewards for achieving short-term goals. It's like giving yourself a short-term goal. Achieve a small goal and give yourself some rewards, such as eating something delicious, buying a nice dress, and asking a friend you haven't seen for a long time to surprise him. Small satisfactions are all, and then superpowers are reduced.


7. Relax during periods of weakness. If reduced to a certain stage, it always seems to be ineffective for a while. Whether it's a smooth patch or a weak patch, try to relax. Just like driving a car, if you continue to step on the accelerator, it will gradually become harder to accelerate. At this point, you need to loosen the throttle and shift gears. Cars may slow down temporarily, but then accelerate faster.


8. Try to lose weight from time to time. No matter how strong your will, people can't stand being bored. It's always easy to give up in one way. You should change the technique from time to time. Diet doesn't seem to work, so exercise more. Running is so boring. You can try swimming and eat cucumber and egg every day. If you are tired, you can start eating porridge or eat fruit instead. It's easier to stick with and see results than static weight loss methods, which should also be good for your body.


9. Don't be so hard on yourself. Losing weight is about making your life better, and pain won't make you feel better in the future. Don't make yourself an ascetic. Who stipulated that you must meet the standard within a month? No one wants you to make a movie. The goal is good, so the rebound is not easy. It's really not worth it to be crazy or anorexic.